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Advanced synthetic engine oil for all four-stroke Arctic Cat snowmobiles, including turbo-powered, maximum performance in all weather conditions, superior properties even in extreme cold conditions, high rust and corrosion protection, excellent cold-weather starting, 3,78 l

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  • Provides maximum performance in all weather conditions
  • Superior properties in all conditions, even in extreme cold conditions.
  • Synthetic base offers high lubricity that protects the engine from wear and damage.
  • Exclusive formula with additives that prevents build-up of deposits and keeps piston and piston rings clean
  • Helps prevent engine wear
  • Robust rust and corrosion inhibitor – superior rust and corrosion protection even during periods of non-use
  • Superior cold-weather starting
  • Optimum protection at extreme operating temperatures
  • 15x more shear stable than standard engine oils for greater resistance to thermal and chemical breakdown
  • SAE: 0W-40
  • 3,78 L